October 21, 2015
Chase Center on the Riverfront
815 Justison Street
Wilmington, DE

Join the Delaware ESC for their second annual conference focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency project development in Delaware. The conference will highlight past successes and look ahead to future opportunities. Attendees will range from industry representatives, potential customers, elected officials, regulators, to leaders from labor and manufacturing.

The Conference is being held Wednesday, October 21 at the Chase Center on the Riverfront (815 Justison Street) in Wilmington.

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The Delaware ESC Chapter Invites YOU to Show-off Your Company with a Tabletop Booth and/or Become a Conference Sponsor.  To inquire about sponsorships, exhibit space and other matters, contact the conference coordinator, Debbie Boylan, at debbie.boylan@eastcapitol.net or 202-255-1140.

Thank You Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility for being the conference's main sponsor and sponsoring the lunch.